Ibtihal Lefriyekh

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Can you introduce yourself, tell us about your background and your activities:

My name is Ibtihal Lefriyekh, I am 21 years old. I study at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Morocco, studying business management and specialized in Finance.I am having a part time job as in Intern project manager at Technopark (MITC) Casablanca. I am really lucky to have such opportunity, because everyday I am learning something new and I gain more knowledge.

What are the moments or events that changed your life

It’s the time when I was in high school, I was studying IGCSE in the form of home schooling. and it was really uncomfortable to spend long time at home. so I decided to search for a part time job, and at this I recognized my talent of learning fast. Sometimes I meet people that are supporting and appreciating my efforts, and other times I meet people who just underestimate me because of my age, especially as I was not in my home country.

What are your upcoming projects ?

My upcoming projects are all managed to make my dream come true. My goal is to help my community and surrounding, In which I always learn how to give a positive impact on my environment and to share my knowledge with individuals.

What is your advice for women who want to be successful?

From my point of view, for a woman to be successful is not a big issue. Since female always have their superpowers to achieve their goal. they just have to use them right. Also, I would like to mention that age, gender, and skin color should not be a barrier for you to be successful. “you are unique the way you are” and all what matters is your quality.

Your opinion about the site?

Its really a great opportunity for ladies to empower each other. It’s really important to read and get inspired from others experience.

Last word ?

It is better to light a small candle than to spend your life cursing the darkness. stay positive !
Interview réalisé par Aziz HARCHA
Septembre 2021
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